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Our origin has its roots in the twentieth century, when it became absolutely necessary for

safes to have unbreakable

locks, be fireproof

and have insulated walls, completely unbreachable by oxyhydrogen and oxyacetylene torches or by plasma cutters. L'Italiana Casseforti was founded by Angiolo Baldini in 1960. Today, it still ranks among the largest manufacturers in Italy and Europe of passive security measures.



L'Italiana Casseforti also designs and manufactures custom designed products. We always meet the operational and logistical needs of our customers, be they banks or lending institutions, precious stone dealers, professionals who need to safeguard important and confidential documents, companies specialised in transporting and protecting valuables, or even private individuals who wish to protect their assets by installing personalised safes and other security measures in their home.



L'Italiana Casseforti designs and manufactures all passive safety products directly in our factory. We produce everything that falls under the umbrella of "Security Engineering": safes, modular safes, armoured doors, vaults and safety deposit boxes, security cabinets, armoured bulletproof partitions, secure transfer trays, secure transfer units, strong boxes and many other products and related accessories.


L'ITALIANA CASSEFORTI DI A. BALDINI srl | 4, Via R. M. Di Sotto - 50051 Castelfiorentino (FI) - Italia | P.I. 01788410486 | Tel. +39 0571 632105 | Fax. +39 0571 632106 | info@italianacasseforti.it | Legal information | Privacy | Cookie Policy | Sitemap
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