armoured doors

L'Italiana Casseforti designs and manufactures Armoured Doors through the whole manufacturing process from start to finish, in both standard and tailor-made versions, which can be adapted to existing walls, adjusted for a right or left door opening or customised to any requirement. This flexibility makes our armoured doors the ideal solution for many professions. The inner core of our armoured doors is made from a unique cement composite, specially designed by L'Italiana Casseforti's technical team, which together with the other features and defence measures of these doors make them unbreachable barriers.

Our Security Doors are designed to optimally and effectively combine aesthetics with advanced security features. Highly customised designs facilitate the installation of security doors into any private or professional setting, guaranteeing total security and offering controlled access zones in order to securely store goods and valuables, or archive private and confidential documents.

L'Italiana Casseforti's customised production means that inspection windows made with composite armoured glass can be inserted into the door, ideal for locations where personnel need to verify people or objects, such as at Surveillance Centres. Also, at the customer's request, doors can come equipped with mechanical or electrical locks or state-of-the-art sophisticated devices, such as biometric readers or identification devices for automated opening with motorised locks, or electronic devices to control opening and closing via remote control. 

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