Transfer safes

Passive safety involves the design and manufacture of high-security products using new and constantly evolving technologies, particularly so concerning the collection and transportation of valuables, such as for banks, large-scale retail trade and other activities which require fast and secure cash deposits.

Every L'Italiana Casseforti project is tailor made, because almost always each product will be located and used in different ways from customer to customer. Therefore, our technical department team is constantly researching new and non-standard solutions in order to improve the security of our products - through research and testing innovative highly resistant materials. We also seek to create novel features and integrate them with increasingly sophisticated electronic systems and devices that are on the market, such as local or remote management and controls or the ability to interface with computer systems and software already used by our customers.

L'Italiana Casseforti's technological knowledge means that it can respond to specific requests for products, such as safes for businesses that handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis and require products with anti-theft features and devices; or safes which can work in conjunction with existing ATMs and which enable the quick lodgement of valuables and cash outside of bank or post office opening hours; or safes which are designed to respond to the needs of business activities - even SMEs - and which come equipped with up-to-date anti-theft deterrents, such as banknote stainers.

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