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Manufacturer of safes

L'Italiana Casseforti manufactures products including safes and everything else involved in security engineering: armoured doors, security doors, armoured security cabinets, wall safes, and prefabricated vaults and safe rooms of every size, security level and weight.


All L'Italiana Casseforti's products can be fitted with every possible device: time locks, locks with interchangeable keys, electrical wiring to connect with alarm and anti-theft systems, and anti-theft resistance - all options to facilitate tailor-made personalisation.


The quality of materials and the finish disguise the security features of the final product. The layers of defence have been researched so as to create - in addition to their intrinsic qualities - a monolithic thickness capable of achieving maximum resistance against all forms of attack, such as industrial disc cutters or oxyacetylene torches.


The product is finished with a textured enamel paint, available in a range of colours, to give an attractive finish.


Unless otherwise indicated, delivery throughout Italy is direct with L'Italiana Casseforti's own transport and trained personnel.

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